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Travel with your game system? It needs to be screened

Published Aug 7th, 2007 10:46AM EDT

image courtesy: Clarion Ledger

Now that 20GB PlayStation 3s have dropped to $449, 60GB versions should be flying off the shelves at $499. Xbox 360’s just got the price-cutting treatment officially, so look for more and more full-size consoles to make their way into carry-on bags for air travel. Well…maybe not. But, if you do have a weird obsession with your NexGen console travel with your big, bad gaming system, it will now need to be screened separately as of August 4th. Much your laptop, you’ll now need to pull out your NexGen and place it in its own bucket, preferably one that doesn’t have something spilled in it from the last guy’s Ziploc, or one that you don’t have to get into a fist-fight over. To see the other tweaks in the TSA’s new policy, as well as neat facts like how many clubs and bats were confiscated in 2006, make the jump. Thank God we fly private…

[Via G4TV]