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January 20th, 2010 at 4:09 PM

Armed with information from Northeast Securities analyst Ashok Kumar, has boldly declared that the yet-to-be-announced Apple tablet will be headed to America’s largest carrier, Verizon Wireless. The report claims that in selecting Qualcomm as one of the tablet’s chip manufacturers Apple has unintentionally confirmed that tablet will be dancing, possibly exclusively, with Big Red. Analysts estimate that Verizon will subsidize about $200 of the Tablet’s price and require a two-year data service plan of around $60 a month. Apple is expected to sell the iTablet for around $800 without a subsidy. It also may come with some sort of “dock” that will provide physical keyboard connectivity and charging. also added a few extra tablet tidbits from Kumar:

  • ARM Cortex (8) processor,  licensed from Samsung
  • Samsung will be one of the suppliers of flash memory
  • Apple will enhance the video and graphic capabilities of the Cortex with the help of semiconductor company PA Semi

We’ve got the 27th circled on our calendars, but until then, let speculationpalooza continue, but we can’t imagine it would be exclusive to Verizon. Our bet is on AT&T with Verizon compatibility in addition to that.

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