These days, it seems having your own music store or app store is all the rage. Sony Ericsson wants in on the party and is going to release its own music store in just a few weeks. The only problem is SE’s new Play Now Plus (the music store, duh) is only going to be released in Sweden with planned expansion for most of Western Europe in the first quarter of 2009 and the rest of the world during the second quarter. That means we still have time and perhaps other music stores, such as iTunes and Amazon’s new music store for the G1, will take off and give SE a hard time catching up. However, the idea is to compete with Nokia’s all-you-can-eat Comes with Music plan and launches October 17 in Great Britain. We’d say keep an eye out for these services but with the mobile music market saturated as it is, these might just slip under the radar and fade into oblivion.


Thanks, Jon P!