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What Netflix Subscribers Want More Than Anything

Netflix Ads

Following reports that Netflix was experimenting with pre- and post-roll video ads in certain markets, Netflix allayed our fears and said that they have “zero intention of putting ads on our platform.” Which is good to hear because if there’s one thing Netflix’s passionate userbase hates with a passion, it’s advertisements.

But as it turns out, there is something Netflix could introduce which would seemingly convince most users to reluctantly put up with third-party ads — a deeper library of movies and TV shows.

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According to a recent survey, 54% of Netflix subscribers  indicated that they would be okay with ads if it meant Netflix substantially bulked up their content library. While Netflix certainly has no shortage of content to keep viewers entertained for days on end, the wonky structure of licensing contracts means that TV shows and movies are constantly shuffling in and out of Netflix’s library. It also stands to reason that Netflix subscribers would be more willing to put up with ads if it meant they could access recent episodes of hit TV shows as opposed to having to wait for what can sometimes be as long as a year.

Barring a more substantial media library, Netflix subscribers aren’t keen on any type of advertisements. Speaking to this, the survey found that 79% of Netflix subscribers would rather pay a few extra dollars a month than be forced to sit through third-party ads. What’s more, 56% of surveyed respondents indicated that they would likely cancel their Netflix subscription if ads were introduced.

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