Every year the iPhone’s camera seems to get better and better. However, there was a time when the iPhone’s camera wasn’t very good at all, as a photo gallery posted on Monday by Photo+ and MagiCam cofounder Lisa Bettany reminds us.

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Bettany has snapped a series of pictures with every single iPhone released so far, going all the way back to 2007’s first-gen model. What you see in these pictures is a steady evolution from grainy and dull photos to sharp and vibrant pictures. Check out this closeup picture of several crayon pencils to see the huge differences:

The first-gen iPhone and the iPhone 3G had some pretty pitiful cameras. Starting with the iPhone 3GS, however, things started to improve and the iPhone 6s looks like the best iPhone camera yet.

These closeup photos of pennies show a similar story: Note how bad the quality is in the first two before making a big leap forward with the iPhone 3GS:

It seems unlikely that we’ll ever get to see a jump in quality from one iPhone to the next quite this big ever again. After all, the iPhone’s camera is already one of the world’s best smartphone cameras and there’s only so sharp you can make pictures before the human eye can’t easily notice the difference.

To check out a full gallery of comparative iPhone photos, be sure to visit Bettany’s full article here.

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