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BBM Social Platform hits public beta

Research In Motion has just announced that BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) Social Platform is now available in public beta. First announced during BlackBerry DEVCON 2010, BBM Social Platform allows developers to integrate their applications directly with BBM using a set of new APIs, and RIM is banking on developers to make BBM a more robust application. RIM hopes programmers will create multimedia apps, location-based services, games, VoIP services, and more, that can build on the existing BBM experience. Here’s one possible use case: You start up a multiplayer game with a friend and smack talk with him or her inside the game over BBM. When you’re done, maybe you want to share that game with someone else, using features enabled in the BBM Social Platform, you’ll be able to share apps. It will even let developers create custom areas inside a BBM profile, which could be used for showing game achievements or other stats. Now let’s just hope these features carry over to BBM on Android and iPhone