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AT&T HSUPA Soft Launch?

It seems that with the buried hype information surrounding the soon-to-be-released HSUPA data cards, our very own Boy Genius and myself did not realize the implications of AT&T’s launch of these HSUPA-enabled cards. It was reported earlier in the year that AT&T would launch HSUPA, the second-part of the HSPA initiative complimenting the highly touted HSDPA technology, later in the year. It was previously thought that the launch would be mid-year, however we’re a couple months late on that target time frame. Well, this gives us a date, at least, for an apparent soft launch for their HSUPA technology offering. Mark it down, just in case you didn’t catch it the first time, AT&T will launch HSUPA to the public in early October.

Markets: Whereabouts Unknown, although my educated guess would likely relate these opening day markets closely with their HSDPA brethren.

“So, what’s the fuss?”, you might ask. Well, this basically means that there will be a shift from UMTS for upstream data flow for data card users. This, in conjunction with a yet-to-be-announced upgrade for HSDPA data rates, will allow AT&T to finally compete against Verizon and Sprint for high speed wireless bandwidth offerings.

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