Consumers waiting for Apple’s (AAPL) rumored HDTV might have to wait even longer than expected before they get their hands on the highly anticipated device. According to analysts, Apple’s HDTV might not launch until 2014. Even worse, when it does, it may only be available in the U.S. Informa’s broadband content and online video analyst Giles Cottle told that he would find it “surprising if the Apple television wasn’t launched exclusively in the US first, [because] content rights can be a massive burden and have to be managed on a country-by-country basis.” IHS senior analyst Paul Erickson also believes that “an initial US focus is possible as [Apple’s] strongest video content availability on iTunes is in the US,” adding that Apple “wouldn’t want to spend the effort and marketing dollars to push a TV in markets where both Apple video product demand and local content availability are low at the current time.”

[Via Cult Of Mac]


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