Always looking to create a few waves and stir up some controversy, YouTube star TechRax recently decided to beat the heat by having his friend take a dip in a 1,500 gallon swimming pool that he filled not with water, but with Coke, a pack of Mentos (for “spice”) and 200 pounds worth of ice cubes.

According to the video’s description, TechRax over the past few weeks bought thousands of Coke bottles and spent “many more hours of opening and pouring” that liquid gold into his backyard pool. Notably, this isn’t a Coke-only affair as TechRax makes a point of noting that about 7% of the pool was comprised of Pepsi.

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Now if the name TechRax sounds familiar, it’s because the YouTube has made quite a name for himself over the years destroying iPhones in bizarre new ways, from grinding them up, putting them into pots of boiling water, and even running them over with tanks.

In any event, TechRax’s latest video is far less violent and much more peculiar, though a DJI Phantom 4 quadcopter does get ruined in the process.

When TechRax’s buddy Ryan is asked how he’s doing, he simply responds, “I feel like I’m in a pool of Coke, man.”

Well said Ryan, well said.

You can enjoy the Coke-themed summertime madness below.

And lastly, TechRax seemed to tease this ridiculous experiment last week on Instagram when he showed off a mysterious receipt that, now in hindsight, likely reflected an insane Coke purchase.