Over the years, Jerry Seinfeld has dabbled in a bit of everything. He of course became a global icon with the NBC hit Seinfeld, and has since gone on to have success with his webseries, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.

But as Seinfeld himself will tell you, his true love has always been stand-up comedy. He enjoys both the purity of the art form and the challenge involved when one man goes up on stage armed with nothing more than a microphone and a few jokes.

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Seinfeld doesn’t perform much stand-up these days, but the legendary comedian did a tight 5-minute set on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert yesterday ahead of his stand-up residency at the Beacon Theater in New York City where he’ll be performing once a month for the next year.

Is this Seinfeld at his best? Not really, but we’ll definitely take Seinfeld doing stand-up anytime we can.

For those interested in the sit-down portion of Seinfeld’s appearance with Colbert, you can check that out below.