AT&T earlier this week unveiled a nifty new gadget that can even to turn your old clunker of a car into a mobile hotspot. Called Mobley, the gadget plugs directly into your car’s ODB II (on-board diagnostics) port and is powered by the car itself once the ignition is turned on. In other words, there’s no need to worry about charging it.

With a Wi-Fi connection enabled in just a few seconds, the Mobley will allow up to five separate devices to hop on and surf the web, play games, and watch videos all via a robust LTE connection. AT&T notes that the device will work on most vehicles manufactured in 1996 and onward.

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“The ZTE Mobley is our first Wi-Fi plug-in for the car,” AT&T Mobility executive Chris Penrose said in a press release. “It allows multiple Wi-Fi-capable devices to connect to AT&T’s 4G LTE network, making it perfect for anyone on-the-go.”

As far as pricing goes for the device itself, you can pick up a Mobley for free if you’re open to signing up for a two-year contract. If you’re not inclined to sign on the dotted line for two years, you can pick up the device for just $100.

As far as data goes, users can add the device to their Mobile Share Value plan for just $10 more a month. For non Mobile Share members, the Mobley will cost $20/month for 1GB of data or $30/month for 3GB of data. If you’re on the road a lot and have a car full of kids demanding Internet access, this might be the device for you.

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