We’re almost there. AMC will soon kick off the sixth season of its highly acclaimed The Walking Dead TV series. However, there’s still some waiting left for fans of the series, as the show premieres on October 11th. In the meantime, there’s a new cryptic trailer for the upcoming season, which was released during the Talking Dead show.

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Only 46 seconds long, the preview trailer shows a car conversation between Abraham and Sasha but doesn’t reveal anything major that’s about to happen in the new season. Abraham asks Sasha, who’s driving the car, if she’s feeling OK. The troubled young woman, who’s still hurting after zombies killed the man she loved in past episodes, answers that everything is fine.

The teaser trailer doesn’t give anything away, though it cryptically hints that there’s something important about to go down – that’s why the two survivors are in the car together in the first place, driving to an unknown location. Check out this short trailer below.