We have covered a few cars before here on BGR that were heavily customized by KC Howeth and the team at Charlotte, North Carolina-based Underground Racing, but this is easily one of the meanest yet. Behold: a 2,000HP twin-turbo Lamborghini Huracan that can probably tear through a quarter-mile before you finish reading this sentence.

In a new video published on Underground Racing’s YouTube channel, we can see this beastly new build in action on the track.

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As you might imagine, this custom Huracan absolutely destroyed every other car it lined up against. With the turbo cranked all the way up and 2,000 AWHP hurling this beast down the track, the Lamborghini hit speeds north of 200 MPH in the quarter-mile.

It’s not quite the 233.88 MPH world record another Underground Racing car set back in February, but it’s certainly nothing to scoff at.

A video of the new Huracan in action follows below.

UPDATE: AMS Performance noted in an email to BGR that its custom GT-R won the event that day, beating Underground Racing’s Huracan.

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