Apple must look longingly back at the days when a jury awarded it $1 billion in its patent suit against Samsung — ever since, the company has had to lower its expectations. CNET reports that Apple on Wednesday said that it was seeking an additional $380 million from Samsung on top of the $600 million that the company has already paid. A jury had originally awarded Apple more than $1 billion but Judge Lucy Koh this past spring reduced that number by around $450 million.

Apple says that it has lost around $114 million in profits due to Samsung’s patent infringement while also alleging that Samsung made an additional $231 million in ill-gotten profits from using Apple’s technology. Samsung, meanwhile has countered that it only owes Apple an extra $52 million and claims that the company is asking for far more than it’s entitled to have.

Either way, it looks like Apple will in the end claw less than $1 billion from Samsung’s pockets… at least until the companies meet in court again during future patent disputes.