Earlier this week, Google adopted a new strategy and is now placing targeted advertisements in the inboxes of Gmail users. The company is rolling out a redesign of the Gmail interface that separates mail through different tabs, such as Primary, Social, Promotions, Updates and Forums. In what appears to be an effort to increase revenue from its hugely popular service, Google is also placing advertisements disguised as emails under the new Promotions tab. Naturally, users aren’t happy with the company’s new policy — but luckily, there is a simple way to get rid of the new ads.

Although ads can be temporarily hidden by tapping the X next to them, this won’t stop them for reappearing the next time users log on. According to Business Insider, the only way to permanently prevent ads from showing up in inbox is by deleting the Promotions tab.

This can be done from within Gmail’s settings. To begin, tap the gear shaped icon on the top right corner of the inbox to open the settings page. Next, select the “configure inbox” option and then choose to disable the “Promotions” tab.

This, for the time being at least, will keep your Gmail inbox ad-free.

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