Thanks in part to the multitude of mobile apps available across every smartphone platform, consumers seem to be uninterested in the own-brand handset Facebook is reportedly developing — security concerns may be an issue as well, of course. According to a recent report, Facebook is working with HTC on a new smartphone code-named “Buffy” that will feature a customized version of the Android operating system with deep Facebook integration. The Wall Street Journal’s AllThingsD blog recently conducted a survey to assess interest in the Facebook-branded smartphone, and the results are telling. As of Monday morning, more than 81% of respondents want nothing to do with a Facebook phone. Approximately 11% said they might consider the handset depending on features and security, and less than 8% said they would want to buy the handset. Facebook has been rumored to be working on an own-brand smartphone for more than a year, but the company has repeatedly denied the claims.