A series of what are purported to be leaked internal slides from RIM may reveal details surrounding various OEM BlackBerry PlayBook accessories. While the authenticity of the slides obtained by enthusiast blog Fommy has not been confirmed, they may give us our first glimpse as a variety of OEM accessories for the BlackBerry PlayBook, as well as pricing details and some projected availability dates. The slides show a variety of cases ranging in price from a $29.99 neoprene sleeve to a $59.99 book-style leather binder. Also seen on the slides is a $49 BlackBerry music gateway, a $99 Bluetooth keyboard and a $79.99 charging dock that props the PlayBook up while recharging the battery. The aforementioned music gateway and Bluetooth keyboard show initial shipment dates in July of this year — potentially up to four months after the Wi-Fi-only version of the PlayBook launches. The rest of the accessories do not show projected ship dates. Hit the break for two more purported slides.