It looks like the gadget-unicorn that is Apple’s white iPhone 4 may soon be available for purchase from Verizon Wireless. A BGR reader just contacted us via email to point out that Verizon does in fact currently show the iPhone in white on its site. It’s just a single image and it’s buried in a gallery on an iFrame, but it definitely confirms that Verizon is at least planning to offer the white iPhone at some point. Verizon Wireless did not comment on the white iPhone at today’s event, and there is no word on whether the white model will become available from AT&T any time soon. Hit the read link to view the image in question (click the tech specs link along the top, then click the second image in the gallery along the bottom) on Verizon’s site.

UPDATE: The image of the white iPhone has been removed by Verizon.

[Via Apple Headlines]