FierceWireless is reporting that Verizon Wireless will unveil a prepaid $80 per month 5 GB mobile broadband data plan in the coming months. The plan will complement the company’s current prepaid broadband plans which are $15/day for 75 MB, $30/week for 250 MB, and $50/month for 500 MB. The reported plan, as Current Analysis analyst Deepa Karthikeyan writes, “offers contract-phobic, high-end users with a viable option.” Given Virgin Mobile’s announcement this morning, would you pay double for Verizon’s network?

UPDATE: The new prepaid plans can be found here. The available plans are now: 100 MB (1 day) $15, 300 MB (7 days) $30, 1 GB (30 days) $50, and 5 GB (30 days) $80. Thanks to everyone who sent this in.