It shouldn’t be long now, Sprint fans. Android, Google’s emerging OS that was once scoffed at by Mr. Hesse-if-you-please, is seemingly getting ready to make its debut on the Now Network. As for the vehicle with which it will likely hit Sprint’s red carpet, smart money is definitely on the HTC Hero. Known and adored for being HTC’s first Android-powered handset to feature the Sense UI, the Hero has just passed through the hallowed halls of the FCC complete with a CDMA/EV-DO radio in tow. In other words, the rumors surrounding Sprint snagging the Hero just got a whole lot firmer. For those who don’t recall, we loved the Android experience HTC has brought about with its Sense UI and we found the hardware to be nice and solid as well. Our main concern was with the guts of the Hero, or lack there of, but even still — we can’t think of a better way for Sprint to unleash Android on its subscribers than buried beneath the sexified Sense UI.

[Via Unwired View]