As Moto fans and curious passers-by alike sit waiting for more news on the next-generation Moto handsets we scooped back in December, one of a few interim items of interest has just popped up on Moto’s site. The Motorola Evoke QA4 is a bubbly but intriguing handset that hasn’t yet been officially announced, which makes it peculiar that it would appear on Motorola’s site. Odd, yes, but perhaps Moto is as eager to push out new handsets as we are to critique them. Little is known about the Evoke QA4 for the time being, though we would imagine an official announcement can’t be far off. All we have thus far is a feature phone with a slider form factor, 2.8″ touchscreen display, standard 12-button keypad and CDMA/EV-DO connectivity. At the same time, it’s a design that strays from most of the handsets the struggling manufacturer has issued in recent history so we’re going to give it the benefit of the doubt. Interest piqued? Fork over some personal info over on the Moto site to receive “periodic updates” via email.

[Via Phone Arena]