At this point, provided you live in an area well-covered by Sprint Nextel’s iDEN network, mobile users who don’t have a requirement for a smartphone might be considered crazy not to take advantage of Boost Mobile’s new unlimited plan. $50, everything, all you can eat – don’t expect larger carriers to touch it any time soon. That said, one of the issues possibly preventing customers from heading to Boost is the lack of an exciting handset inventory but from the looks of things Boost is trying to remedy that. Sure the RAZR design is about 350 years old at this point, but the i9 is still a sexy new ModeShift-sporting, PTT-ready handset that will soon be making its way to Boost. You remember the i9, we showed it to you back in October. We had a pretty good idea it was coming to Boost Mobile but a new flier for the Boost unlimited plan might point to a release in the very close future. Hit the jump for a screenshot and a PDF download link.

Thanks, CJ!