It looks like Verzion is all set to launch its answer to Sprint’s Airave femtocell on Sunday January 25th. What the heck is femtocell you ask? In a nutshell, a femtocell is a teeny, tiny cellphone tower that allows users to get all of their cellular services via a broadband connection. This means that soon you can be rocking up to three Verizon lines in the middle of nowhere, which is a bit strange since we’re pretty hard pressed to name an area Verizon doesn’t cover. Anyway, in case you’re the type of person who likes to cheat the system and were hoping to use a VPN to make it look like you’re dialing locally in Ottumwa, Iowa when you’re actually in the middle of Zonguldak, an aGPS chip has been built-in to stop you. On the plus side however, you can also connect and external GPS antenna to authenticate your position. So what does the luxury of having your own 5,000 square feet of Verizon signal cost? $249.99, we’re told. Fair enough.