Amazon, please. What do you take us for? The internet mega-retailer known for eBay-like prices and far fewer eBay-like scams has apparently blown a fuse as it has just made the Nokia E63 available for pre-order for a mind-boggling $500. Huh? So let’s get this straight – we can order the E63 in Ultramarine Blue for $499.99 or we can order the more capable, sexier E71 NAM for $379.99 from the very same site? Hmm, let’s think about this. Plastic vs. metal, EDGE vs. 3.5G, No GPS vs. integrated GPS, 2 megapixel camera vs. 3.2 megapixel camera, no warranty vs. warranty, tiny unusable spacebar and no dedicated power or volume buttons for an extra $120. Thanks but no thanks.

Thanks, William!