Well it’s no Innov8 but we’re still pretty amazed that Samsung is actually going to be bringing its 8 megapixel to the US with some 3G love. No, seriously! The FCC just did its thing, and by that we mean it let us all know about a handset way ahead of schedule – the Samsung M8800L. The L variant is basically identical to its European counterpart but it sports the coveted 850 and 1900 MHz WCDMA bands that we hope for with each new high-end handset announcement and typically don’t see. In other words, it looks like AT&T will soon be getting it’s 8 megapixels on and we can all look forward to some tempting subsidized pricing. Initial rumors pointed to T-Mobile as being a potential carrier for this beast of a camera phone but unless a third version is in the works, it’s unfortunately not looking overly likely.

[Via CellPhone Signal]