If you’ve logged onto your Sprint account recently, you might have noticed that glaring red print under your “Online Tools” tab. So, if you relied heavily on your PCS Mail or Calendar for productivity, it’s all coming to an end apparently. It’s not news that mail is being discontinued – just consider this a friendly reminder. It was announced over the summer that all addresses ending in @sprintpcs.com will be shut down for good so save those messages before you’re locked out forever! What is new however, is that they’ve decided to shut down the PCS Calendar. Again, much like mail, there is no particular reason why they’re doing this, but we’re sure you can all use your imaginations and hit us with comments like, “Sprint is dying and they’ll soon be gone.” The more likely reasoning is simply a matter of some overdue Spring cleaning. Is anyone going to miss these services come December 31?

Thanks, Roger A!