Early adopters, prepare to be annoyed. Those of you who have been putting off picking up the sexy new aluminum MacBook, prepare to be pleasantly surprised – as long as you live near a participating Fry’s. While plenty of speculation is being tossed around with regards to Apple being aggressive with its pricing this coming Black Friday, Fry’s is apparently sick of the hubbub. Rather than wait to find out what Apple has in store for the upcoming shopping holiday, if anything, future MacBook owners can make their way down to Fry’s where the base aluminum MacBook will be on sale for $1099. $200 off the normal retail price isn’t too shabby at all. Unfortunately not all the discounted MacBooks will be new models as the ad stipulates demos and open boxes will be thrown into the mix. As long as you don’t mind knowing your new lappy has likely been manhandled by hoards of Fry’s customers before you, you’re good. It looks like the sale will only be on tomorrow, and only at brick and mortar stores. Who’s in?