As we reported yesterday, Canada’s Fido has undergone a serious re-branding effort (with a fugly logo to boot) to position itself as a low-cost, no system access/hidden fees alternative to the big name carriers in the Canadian wireless marketplace. Offering plans for a little as $15 a month and most phones going for $0 on a 2-year deal, Fido hopes to prove to be a huge hit with cost-conscious consumers. The most popular plan from the new Fido could very well be Full Fido, which offers 2,000 per-second minutes and unlimited texting for $40 a month. In case you were starting to worry, yes, Fido is still carrying the iPhone 3G and it might even be a good idea to sign with them over Rogers as you’ll save yourself $6.95 a month by not having to pay the bogus and dreaded System Access Fee.

Your response, Koodo, Solo Mobile and Virgin Mobile?