Qik announced on Friday that it has expanded outside the realm of smartphones and will now support J2ME feature phones, a.k.a. non-smartphones. Lucky owners of the following Nokia and Sony Ericsson phones can download an alpha version of the Qik client to test it out:

  • Nokia S40 Phones:
    • Nokia 5300
    • Nokia 6300
    • Nokia 6500 classic
    • Nokia 6500 slide
    • Nokia 6555
    • Nokia 8800 Arte
  • Sony Ericsson JP-8 Phones:
    • Sony Ericsson K850
    • Sony Ericsson K858
    • Sony Ericsson W890
    • Sony Ericsson W910
    • Sony Ericsson W908
    • Sony Ericsson K660
    • Sony Ericsson G502
    • Sony Ericsson Z750

They are also looking for owners of other Nokia phones to help alpha test and expand Qik even further into the mass market phone arena. Head on over to Qik to get the full list of phones in which they are interested. Happy Qikking!