How much do we want this thing to just come out already? Far and away the smoothest looking handset to come from Sony Ericsson in a long time, the XPERIA X1 is one of the most highly anticipated mobiles making the net rounds right now. It will be the first of Sony Ericsson’s new high end geek-sheek line and this puppy is packing. A new white paper has just been issued on the Sony Ericsson developer site that adds some details beyond what we’ve already told you. Highlights:

  • New Sony Ericsson UI components:
    • Sony Ericsson Panel – news weather, finance, world clock, weather, and app shortcuts
    • Media Experience Panel – multimedia consumption and navigation
    • Slideshow Panel – slideshow of recent videos and pics
    • Microsoft Today Panel – standard Windows Mobile Today screen
    • 3D Fish Panel – Aquarium with 3D fishes
    • Custom Panels – user customized
  • Video recording options:
    • MPEG-4: 30fps @ VGA
    • H.263: 30fps @ VGA (U.S. model only at 24fps)
    • H.264: 15fps @ VGA (not supported on U.S model)
  • Google Maps and Java ME preinstalled
  • Out-of-the-box Exchange Direct Push support; Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail setup wizards

Still no mention of Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional in the 40-page document, but you’ve seen the screenshots. If you’re drooling over the X1 and have the time to flip through the white paper, definitely hit the read link. If not just sit back and try to remain calm while we wait for more details. Hotness.

[Via inexperia]