Precious little is known about the mysterious Nokia handset that popped up on the FCC site yesterday, but what we do know is incredibly intriguing. For the time being all we have is a product code, RM-324, and a few details. Those details; it will pack AT&T-compatible US 3G / HSDPA, it will have a beefy 1500 mAh battery and it will have a flip form factor. Woo hoo! That’s right Nokia, keep pouring on the US love. We told you that 2008 was going to be a big year for Nokia in the US and so far there has been plenty to support that claim. Some amazing handsets have already been announced, US 3G / HSDPA is popping up on more new devices and it even looks like carriers are getting in on the action. 2007 wasn’t a great year for Nokia in the US and it looks like the Finnish phenom is pulling out the big guns. What do you guys think, will 2008 be the year that Symbain’s US market share begins to reflect its position as the global heavyweight champ?