We really like the sleekness of the iPhone on-screen QWERTY. It’s so pretty; you just want to tap away like no tomorrow. But back in October it was reported that CooTek had a little aplication out called TouchPal. And the interesting thing about TouchPal, was that you could put a virtual QWERTY keyboard on your Windows Mobile 5 or 6 device, supposedly freeing you of any stylus, making your device stylish, you popular with the opposite sex, and invited to all the cool parties (OK, maybe not all of those things). Neat, you say, but the kicker was that TouchPal was free for a limited time. Well that time is just about up, and after the 8th of December, you have to shell out $19.95. So why not hurry up and try it out, to see if it’s something you like. You know you want to, since free is still the best price of anything.