We applaud the idea of attempted innovation, and it’s obvious that anything that involves the terms “download, music, and AT&T” is going to get compared to the iPhone. With that in mind, Samsung and AT&T are introducing the SLM, a flip phone that’s Napster-equipped. It utilizes WiFi or UMTS/HSDPA to download tracks, and it comes at quite a price. Rather than the $0.99 variants on iTunes, your downloads on Napster will run you $1.99 per, or $7.49 for 5 songs a month. Also included in the phone are a 2 megapixel camera and a 512MB microSD card, which makes the 8GB on the iPhone look positively enormous. About the only thing that it has over the obviously-comparable iPhone is the price: about $150 with a 2 year agreement. Samsung, please chill on the look-a-like jumpoffs, though, OK?