With social networking all the rage, more and more companies are trying to get a piece of the action, and Yahoo! is no different. However, theirs is a different spin on the same record. It’s called Y! Kickstart, and is aimed at the fresh-out-of-college in an attempt to grow their network as they look for jobs. The likes of Facebook and MySpace might be deemed less “professional,” so theirs is a more high-brow approach. Alumni, frat / sorority brothers and sisters, major / minor: all can be a potential network, and more importantly, a potential source for a job. Yahoo! is even tossing in an incentive of $25k to your Alumni group, should your school garner the most sign-ups. Beans to Yahoo! for thinking outside of the box, but with the flood of social networks, will this one take? Oh yeah, what’s the name of that other one? LinkedIn? Mmm.