After getting dozens of e-mails from Nigerian businessmen who are waiting to give you a ton of money so they can get the rest out of the country, everyone has had that moment where you say to yourself, “but what if it’s true?” Common sense tells us it’s not, and that we’ll get scammed if we participate. Others are not so lucky. And even others take it one step further than simply deleting the e-mail. They’re called scam-baiters, and basically, they scam the scammer. Many carry on long conversations with the scammers with the simple task of occupying their time and resources so they don’t scam actual vicitms. Some have even honed their craft so well that they’re able to get photos and videos from the culprits, which then get posted on the ‘net for the world to see. We don’t know that we have that much time on our hands, but credit where credit is due. Make the jump for the full story.