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Anonymous Hackers ISIS Terrorists War

Hackers vs. terrorists: How Anonymous wants to beat ISIS

November 30th, 2015

The Anonymous hackers collective declared war on ISIS immediately after the Paris attacks earlier this month. In the days that followed, Anonymous took out thousands of Twitter accounts belonging to the group and also issued warnings about imminent attacks, but that info apparently wasn’t accurate. Anonymous isn’t the only hacker group fighting ISIS right now, and while Anonymous’ efforts …

BitCoin Credit Card

ISIS parks its cash in Bitcoin, experts say

November 25th, 2015

Just days after the hacker group Anonymous pledged to hunt down Islamic State members and launch cyberattacks against their accounts, a separate group of techies claims it has identified a key funding avenue for the terror network – bitcoin accounts. Ghost Security Group, a collective of computer “hacktivists,” says it has located several bitcoin accounts …

Hacker FBI Snitch ISIS

Hacker outs himself as FBI snitch who helped ‘murder’ ISIS target in Syria

November 25th, 2015

In the aftermath of the Paris attacks, certain hacker groups have declared a digital war on ISIS, with mixed results. But it looks like a hacker had been helping the FBI track and hunt down hackers with alleged ISIS ties even before the Paris attack in mid-November. A former member of the Rustle League hacker collective confessed on Twitter that …

ISIS Cyber Manual Encryption

Reports saying ISIS created its own cyber manual may have been exaggerated

November 25th, 2015

There’s no doubt in anybody’s mind that the ISIS attacks on Paris were carefully planned and executed, with some degree of sophistication involved, at least when it comes to avoiding intelligence agencies. Immediately after the tragedy that hit France in mid-November, many speculated that terrorists relied on encrypted devices and apps to thwart detection, although …

Hackers Vs. ISIS Ghost Security Group

The anti-Anonymous: Hacking group finds a smarter way to fight ISIS

November 24th, 2015

It’s good that Anonymous has decided to declare war on Islamic State but there are questions about whether their actions are actually effective. In particular, Anonymous has drawn criticism for getting several Twitter accounts banned that had nothing to do with supporting or aiding ISIS. The group has also come under fire for hyping up terror …

Tech Companies ISIS Encryption

No, Apple and the rest of Silicon Valley is not helping ISIS

November 23rd, 2015

Over the weekend, with all the terror attacks-related frenzy in the media, I happened to stumble upon what might just be one of the most ignorant stances on encryption I’ve read in a while, The Telegraph’s “Why is Silicon Valley helping the tech-savvy jihadists?” And yes, the story is related to the debate on strong …

Anonymous Vs. ISIS Twitter Accounts Banned

Has Anonymous’s war against ISIS been doing more harm than good?

November 23rd, 2015

Anonymous has been leading the digital fight against Islamic State by getting some of its social media accounts on Twitter banned, but has it been doing more harm than good? A Twitter spokesperson tells The Daily Dot that Anonymous’s lists of purported ISIS-affiliated are so “wildly inaccurate” that it doesn’t even pay attention to them anymore.

Husband Response ISIS Antoine Leiris

Grieving husband gives ISIS the best response we’ve seen so far

November 20th, 2015

Last week’s horrific attacks on Paris has everyone talking about safety, especially at a time when many people are planning trips for the upcoming holidays. Is it safe to travel? Should I postpone my flight? Do we have to avoid European regions that might be targets on ISIS’ agenda? If you’re asking yourself any of …

ISIS Russian Plane Soda Can Bomb

How ISIS may have snuck its soda can bomb past airport security

November 20th, 2015

We learned earlier this week that Islamic State used a bomb disguised as a simple soda can to bring down Russian MetroJet Flight 9268 last month. But how might such a device have really worked? Reuters has talked with some experts on explosives manufacturing who have analyzed the photo of the soda can bomb that ISIS posted this …