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Verizon Touch Pro unboxing and first impressions

Updated Dec 19th, 2018 6:09PM EST

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Today the HTC Touch from Verizon is making its way into the hands of the people. Surprise, surprise, one arrived on our doorstep as well and we did a quick unboxing for you! The Verizon Touch Pro differs a bit from its Sprint, Alltel and AT&T cousins. The Verizon version has a different keyboard layout that features a top row of numbers and directional arrows whose location breaks up the letters on the keyboard. The up arrow falls right in between the “n” and the “m” key. No, seriously. This does make it a little difficult to type at first but we found that we got used to it rather quickly. The Verizon Touch Pro also has a flat back cover instead of the faceted diamond style cover that is seen in the Fuze. Unfortunately, our concerns about the Touch Pro being crippled have been confirmed. The device does ship with only 192MB RAM which gets eaten up pretty quickly. The OS takes up 78.71MB, other startup programs and TouchFlo 3D takes up another 67.68MB, leaving you with a mere 45.60MB left for your own applications! Yes, we know that it is more RAM than is found on the xv6800 but still 192MB instead of 288MB is a bit disappointing.

The other disappointing, but not surprising, revelation is that the GPS appears to be locked down to VZ Navigator. We installed Google Maps and it just searched and searched for a GPS satellite connection. It finally gave up and told us that “Your GPS receiver is having trouble tracking GPS satellites”. No worries, though, as the folks over at XDA developers are probably already hard at work trying to unlock the GPS for us. The one good piece of news is that phone includes both an accelerometer (rumored to have been absent) and Wi-Fi. Overall, the device is still an improvement over the xv6800 but with its dumbed down specs, you cant help but focus on what you are missing and overlook all the good things you have. It is like eating cake without the frosting. It still tastes good but you know it could have been so much better. Definitely check out our unboxing gallery, but not before you hit the jump for some screenshots showing the Device Information and the GPS failure.

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