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Throwback Thursday: Paperboy

Paperboy was first introduced in 1984 by Atari and has most definitely become a cult classic. Your in-game objective is to navigate your cycling paperboy through their weekly paper route, delivering the broadsheet to your customers, and avoiding a host of obstacles, including: cars, dogs, rolling tires, lawnmowers, kids on tricycles, the Grim Reaper, and some weirdo with a knife. There are seven levels — Monday through Sunday — and each day gets progressively harder (duh!). Fail to deliver a paper or accidentally throw a paper through someones window and you risk losing a subscriber. Complete your route and you’re rewarded with some spiffy 8-bit music and a training course that offers you a chance to win bonus points. How were your Paperboy skills? Did you always see the headline “Paperboy Wins Award For Outstanding Paper-Delivery” or were you more of the “Paperboy Calls It Quits” type?

BGR Throwback Thursday is a weekly series covering our (and your) favorite gadgets, games, and software of yesterday and yesteryear