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Sprint advocates receive Palm Pre units

Updated 4 years ago

It seems like all the Pre minutiae is hitting the Internet like a ton of bricks but here’s some more news indicating its release isn’t far off: Palm Pre handsets are making their way to Sprint stores specifically for the store advocate, or the one who will be the Pre pro. Images surfaced recently with a number of Sprint employees holding up their handsets (luckily made anonymous by bloggers) and as you might expect, people are psyched; reviews are nothing short of what is expected based on what we’ve seen so far. The device is small, the screen is responsive and the keyboard is like a mix of Centro and Treo Pro goodness (or “badness” if you hate that bubbly plastic feeling). Managers will be undergoing mandatory device training soon and we’re expecting them to give you the hands-on shortly after that in store.

Thanks, Chiitown!