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Video: A real Jurassic World park would cost $23.43B to build, $11.9B a year to maintain

Jurassic World Park Real Cost

Just launched, Jurassic World enjoyed terrific success at the box office, setting a new opening weekend record by grossing well over half a billion in sales. In other words, people seem to really like dinosaurs and stories about special dino-themed parks, so a website decide to calculate how much it would actually cost to build a real Jurassic Park and maintain it. Obviously, people would visit such a park rather than seeing a movie about it.

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According to Fandango Movieclips’ video, available below, it would cost exactly $23.43 billion to build the dinosaur park. The site took into account all costs involved, including buying the two islands off the cost of Costa Rica at current real estate value, building the facilities and hiring all the scientists that would actually be able to bring the dinosaurs back from the dead and keep them contained and on display inside the park.

On top of the startup costs, the park will require almost $12 billion in annual fees to run, the video says, which would put immense pressure on that board, as it’d have to take in at least a billion per month to survive. With those numbers in mind, turning an actual profit might be even more problematic, no matter how much people love dinosaurs.

The full video explaining these purported costs for a real Jurassic World park follows below.

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