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Spider-Man: No Way Home leak features the full plot and the big spoilers

Published Dec 7th, 2021 11:26PM EST
A scene from Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer
Image: Sony

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The Spider-Man: No Way Home premiere is next Monday, at which point the reviews for this year’s most anticipated movie will come out. A few days after that, you’ll be able to see No Way Home in a theater near you, provided you scored a ticket. Most Spider-Man fans dying to see the movie right away probably know the film’s big spoiler, as it’s leaked everywhere. Tom Holland, Tobey Maguire, and Andrew Garfield will play their respective Spider-Man variants in the movie. On top of that, we’ll get a few huge MCU cameos along the way. It’s one thing to be aware of this significant plot detail and quite another to know the full No Way Home plot beforehand.

We’ve covered plenty of No Way Home spoilers so far, including a few of the film’s pivotal moments and the post-credits scenes. And we looked at early plot leaks for the movie. But the movie’s plot might have leaked in full. If what follows is accurate, we know everything that happens in No Way Home. Make sure you avoid the spoilers below if you don’t want more Spider-Man surprises to be ruined.

Doctor Strange holding a coffee cup
Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) holding a coffee cup that reads “For Fox Sake” in No Way Home trailer. Image source: Sony and Marvel

The new No Way Home full plot leak

Spider-Man: No Way Home

will be the first and only MCU film to premiere in China this year. Black Widow, Shang-Chi, and Eternals did not get theatrical releases in one of the world’s biggest movie markets. This detail is important because the full No Way Home plot leak comes from China.

As with any product leak or movie spoiler, there’s no way to confirm these details for the time being. But some of the plot details you’ll see below match previous leaks. That’s either a confirmation that previous leaks were accurate, or the person who posted this account of events just took advantage of the existing leaks to make their full plot leak more believable.

However, a Reddit leaker who posted several details about MCU productions this year seems to think the new plot leak is accurate:

With that in mind, this is your last chance to avoid what follows below

MJ, Peter Parker, and Ned, mocking Doc Ock’s name. Image source: Sony

The craziest No Way Home plot spoiler leak

Some of the recent No Way Home leaks told us that Ned (Jacob Batalon) will play a key role in the movie. The full plot leak from China gives us more details about Ned’s mission.

The battle between Tom Holland’s Peter and Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) will not have the winner we thought. Peter wins, grabbing the cube and stealing Strange’s Sling Ring in the process.

Ned gets that ring, and he will use it to locate the alternate Spider-Man variants. Ned and MJ (Zendaya) get separated from Peter, and that’s how they use the ring. They say, “Let Me find Peter Parker,” and then a portal opens showing a hooded person. This is Andrew Garfield’s Peter Parker, who has to prove to them he’s Spider-Man by climbing walls. Ned tries again, and the Sling Ring gives him Tobey Maguire’s Peter in casual clothes.

Spider-Man in international No Way Home trailer 2
Spider-Man (Tom Holland) in international No Way Home trailer 2 footage. Image source: Sony

Ned can only open portals, apparently. It’s him who will bring Strange back later in the movie. The Sorcerer Supreme gets stranded at some point, without access to a Sling Ring to come back.

This full No Way Home plot leak might sound crazy. But it also makes sense. We need a purpose for Ned and MJ. The latter is Tom’s Peter’s love interest. And Ned has to continue to play the trusted sidekick role.

Finally, Ned will have a cape moment, as Strange’s hilarious artifact will save Ned when he falls. It’s unclear whether this is the scene in the big Statue of Liberty battle.

Peter Parker, MJ, and Ned in No Way Home trailer
Who needs more Spider-Men when MJ (Zendaya) can stand up to Doctor Strange? Image source: Sony

The No Way Home heartbreaking death

For the longest time, we heard that No Way Home will deliver at least one heartbreaking death, and the Chinese full plot leak tells us who that person is.

If you’ve been following other No Way Home leaks, you won’t be surprised to hear that it’s the Green Goblin (Willem Dafoe) who kills Aunt May (Marisa Tomei). It happens during the fight sequence at the building complex from the trailers and TV ads. The Goblin’s glider somehow stabs Aunt May, and then the villain attempts to kill her with a pumpkin bomb. That’s apparently the scene from the trailer where Peter lounges to catch that grenade.

Spider-Man jumping after a Green Goblin grenade
Spider-Man (Tom Holland) jumping after a Green Goblin grenade as it explodes at the apartment building fight. Image source: Sony

Tom’s Peter bears the brunt of that explosion, and he thinks he managed to save May. The two talk in the rubble, but she collapses as she’s been bleeding out from the stab wound.

According to this full plot leak, Aunt May will say “with great power comes great responsibility” in the movie. Previous spoilers offered the same detail before.

Ned, MJ, and Happy (Jon Favreau) are all at the scene — we do see the latter in the trailer near the building. Also, J. Jonah Jameson (J.K. Simmons) is at the same location. Again, this is something we saw before.

Spider-Man: No Way Home Trailer
Aunt May (Marisa Tomei) in Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer. Image source: Sony

Full plot leak reveals the three Spider-Man variants’ roles

The full No Way Home plot leak claims that Garfield and Maguire’s Spider-Man variants will not get into action immediately. And they could not, as two of the main battles take place without them.

One of them is the bridge battle, where Peter will fight against Doc Ock (Alfred Molina) and Green Goblin. The other is the FEAST fight where Aunt May dies.

Spider-Man's black-and-gold suit in Now Way Home trailer 2
Spider-Man using Strange magic while video-conferencing with MJ and Ned. Image source: Sony

When Ned brings them in, the two Peter Parkers will use science to help Tom’s Peter figure this multiverse mess out. Specifically, they’ll try to develop ways to “fix” the villains, returning them to the good side.

The villains aren’t all evil throughout the movie. Initially, Sandman (Thomas Haden Church) helps Spider-Man. But Tom’s Peter will have an enhanced suit that captures all the villains, sending them to Strange’s prison. The No Way Home leak says that the black-and-gold suit features Strange magic that allows Peter to catch the villains and teleport them to the prison. Strange’s magic might also help Strange locate Tom’s Peter.

Later, Doc Ock will turn into a good guy thanks to the nanites from the Iron Spider suit that populate the tentacles. We already speculated that might be the case.

Spider-Man villains in No Way Home trailer scene
One visible Spider-Man version (left) launches towards three villains (right) in No Way Home trailer 2 scene. Image source: Sony

Garfield’s Spider-Man

The three Spider-Man will suit up to fight the villains in the final battle at the Statue of Liberty. The full plot leak tells us that the leaked image showing the three Spider-Man variants on the scaffolding is real. It also claims that Tom, Tobey, and Andrew are present in that poorly edited scene from No Way Home trailer 2. It’s Garfield punching The Lizard (Rhys Ifans) in that scene.

It’s also Garfield that saves MJ after the scaffolding collapses, as we saw in the second trailer. Tom’s Spider-Man tries to save MJ, but the Green Goblin stops him. Andrew comes in and saves her. This is the event many Amazing Spider-Man fans await, as it’s the kind of scene that will give some closure to Garfield’s Spider-Man. The full No Way Home plot leak says Garfield’s Peter won’t mention his Gwen, but he will notice the love between Peter and MJ in this reality.

I’ll point out that the full plot leak contradicts previous No Way Home spoilers that claimed that Garfield will talk about Gwen’s death.

MJ falling in No Way Home trailer 2
MJ (Zendaya) falling from the scaffolding in No Way Home trailer 2. Image source: Sony

Maguire’s Spider-Man

It’s not just Garfield’s Peter that will stand out in the movie. Maguire’s Spider-Man will apparently be the one who stops Tom’s Peter from killing the Green Goblin. In doing so, the Green Goblin will stab Tobey in the back, injuring him. It’s unclear from the full plot leak when the event happens. That’s because Maguire and Garfield’s characters are present in the FEAST fight.

The leak also says that Tobey’s Peter wasn’t deaged, and he looks like an uncle.

Moreover, Maguire’s Peter doesn’t have self-made web-shooters, which will be a topic of discussion between the three Spider-Men.

Spider-Man attempting to save MJ
A Spider-Man version attempting to save MJ (Zendaya) in No Way Home trailer 2. Image source: Sony

Full No Way Home plot leak gives us the ending with a twist

The end of the movie will deliver a bittersweet ending. Strange’s spell will work, and everyone in the MCU will forget that he is Peter Parker. They will know there’s a Spider-Man, without knowing who he is. Even MJ, Ned, and Happy will forget Tom’s Peter. Garfield and Maguire’s Spider-Man variants will return to their worlds.

The No Way Home full plot leak also tells us that Peter will be living by himself in an apartment by the end. He’ll use a self-made red and blue suit rather than the suits he used in the movie.

Jameson will call Spider-Man a hero by the end of the movie.

J.K. Simmons as J. Jonah Jameson in Spider-Man: No Way Home
J.K. Simmons as J. Jonah Jameson. Image source: Sony Pictures

The villains will not die in No Way Home. Instead, they also get sent back to their universes. But the rough translation of the full plot leak tells us the villains will be reformed. It’s unclear what that means for their universes. But, apparently, that’s what the three Spider-Man variants were working on.

The No Way Home ending doesn’t offer any clues about Doctor Strange 2, the plot leak claims. Nor does it gives us any details about the Daredevil (Charlie Cox) and Venom (Tom Hardy) cameos. But it does say that Matt Murdock will catch a brick at some point in the movie during his brief cameo, which is consistent with previous leaks.

You can check out the full No Way Home plot leak below, as translated on Reddit from the original.

A very detailed Chinese full plot leak. from MarvelStudiosSpoilers

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