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No Way Home plot leak explains a shocking scene in Spider-Man trailer 2

Published Nov 19th, 2021 1:07PM EST
Spider-Man in No Way Home trailer 2
Image: Sony

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Spider-Man No Way Home

trailer 2 is out in various formats, bringing plenty of new footage to inspect closely. The main thing the US, international, IMAX, and Brazilian versions have in common is that they don’t show Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield in Spider-Man suits alongside Tom Holland. We explained that the second trailer contains a few editing mistakes that confirm the former Spider-Men are in the movie. They also confirm various No Way Home plot leaks that we saw in recent months. But the trailer also delivers new scenes, including a heartbreaking Spider-Man event that seems to haunt the superhero across the multiverse. That’s Peter Parker’s love interest falling to what could amount to a horrific death. Trailer 2 never tells us whether Peter saves MJ (Zendaya). It doesn’t even have to do it. But we do have a big spoiler about that scene that many Spider-Man fans will love. Before we get to that, I’ll remind you that massive plot spoilers follow below.

MJ falling in No Way Home trailer 2
MJ (Zendaya) falling from the scaffolding in No Way Home trailer 2. Image source: Sony

The shocking No Way Home trailer 2 revelation

The main No Way Home battle will take place at the Statue of Liberty, which is getting a Captain America makeover in the aftermath of Endgame. Several leaks said that’s going to be the big fight between the three Spider-Man variants and the villains. And Sony seemingly confirmed it. Not to mention that all that scaffolding around Lady Liberty matches all the No Way Home photo leaks that Sony confirmed already. And the massive leak showing the three Spider-Men on top of it.

We get glimpses of the battle in the second trailer, and we find out that MJ will fall as the structure starts collapsing. Ned (Jacob Batalon) tries to grab her but fails to reach her, and get some deja-vu. This isn’t the first Spider-Man girlfriend to fall like that.

The last time we saw something like that, it was incredibly heartbreaking. It was Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man trying to save Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone) as she plunged to her death. He nearly did it too. But Gwen died in Peter’s arms. Here’s that scene again:

Spider-Man won’t be able to save everyone

This happened in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and we never got to see Peter get over it. That’s why many fans think MJ’s fall in No Way Home has only one possible resolution. It shouldn’t be Tom’s Spider-Man who saves MJ. Instead, it should be Garfield who saves MJ, which would give the character some closure after failing to save Gwen in his universe.

The trailer tells us it’s Tom Holland jumping for her and that he nearly reaches her. But it could all be misleading. We never get to see whether Tom’s Spider-Man reaches MJ in the trailer. Nor should we.

No Way Home is going to be a sad and brutal movie, which means we’re going to see some beloved MCU Spider-Man characters die. MJ is at the top of the list of potential victims. So are Aunt May (Marisa Tomei) and Ned. And some plot leaks keep telling us that it’s one of these three who is most likely to die in the movie.

Trailer 2 already teases that some bad things might happen, as we see Peter tell May that he can’t save everyone.

That said, the new No Way Home plot leaks address the MJ moment in the trailer. Before we get to it, this is your last chance to avoid big spoilers.

Plot leak teases Garfield’s big Spider-Man moment

The video above recaps the Gwen-Peter love story from the TASM movies. Whether you’ve seen them or not, you should rewatch them to understand Garfield’s Spider-Man. This Peter Parker promised Gwen’s dad that he wouldn’t date his daughter, given that he’s Spider-Man.

Captain Stacy (Denis Leary) died in the first film, and Peter struggled to keep his promise in the sequel. That’s what makes Gwen’s death even worse. But promise aside, Peter would still blame himself for what happened to Gwen.

The multiverse gives Sony a chance to give Garfield’s Peter some closure, and this is where the plot spoiler comes in. We have no idea whether Garfield will save MJ in No Way Home. But a leaker said on Twitter that the Gwen moment will play a huge role in Garfield’s No Way Home arc.

A different leaker agreed, reinforcing the idea that Gwen’s death plays a big role in Andrew’s arc.

If all that is accurate, when that structure collapses under MJ, all three Spider-Man variants will be aware of what it all means. It doesn’t even matter who gets to save MJ at that point. And the leakers don’t even mention whether MJ will survive the scene. But with three Spider-Men fighting on the same side, it seems MJ’s chances are a lot better than Gwen’s.

We’ll have to wait until December 17th to see if this plot spoiler pans out, as that’s when Spider-Man: No Way Home hits theaters.

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