It’s Back to School season, which means you’re going to be bombarded by many special deals and sales, including plenty of hot tech-related discounts that are too good to pass up. Some deals apply to school-related products while others are more related to after-school fun. Best Buy right now has an incredible Back to School deal that includes an Xbox One and a 40-inch Samsung Smart HDTV that are being sold together at a shockingly low price.

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The Full HD Samsung TV is usually priced at $429.99 while the Xbox One bundle (like the Halo: Master Chief Collection Bundle) costs $349.99. But Best Buy is selling the two of them together for just $499.98 – that’s $280 in savings on a brand new gaming system.

The special sale kicks off on Sunday, August 9th and lasts for a full week until August 15th.

More details about each of these two product are available at the source links.