It seems that Nokia USA knew a lot of people weren’t too pleased with the crazy $700 pre-order price on the N97, but a new promotional price has us wondering if initial interest in the handset is a bit lacking. Entering in the promotional code CARTP409N will not only allow Americans to pre-order the flagship slider for $454.35, but Nokia will throw in a BH-703 Bluetooth headset as well. The strangest thing? Earlier today, a different promotional code had the N97 and BH-703 going for $524.25. If you’re even remotely interested in an N97 or want to push your luck with a quick resale, head the read link and order an N97 now. Then again, it might be even cheaper tomorrow…

UPDATE: It looks like this steep discount may have been an error — congrats if you managed to get it and Nokia honors it. The coupon code now eliminates the free headset and provides a slim 10 percent discount bringing the price of the phone alone to $629.10. Pass.

[Via The Symbian Blog]