Samsung was recently jilted by SanDisk, one of our favorite SD card and flash storage manufacturers, in a takeover attempt. SanDisk turned down nearly $6 billion from Samsung saying that it wasn’t really adequate – in many respects. It seems SanDisk doesn’t have any self-esteem issues there. Samsung has offered a $26-per-share cash sum but it doesn’t look like it’s enticing enough for the folks at SanDisk. Samsung CEO Yoon-Woo Lee says that SanDisk “continues to cling to unrealistic expectations on both its standalone market value and an appropriate merger price.” Is that an accurate assessment or words born out of rejection?

With the economy turning more sour by the second, was it really wise for SanDisk to turn down the offer from the electronics giant? What do you think? All we know is that we need that 16GB microSD jump off fast!