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Here’s how we know Deadpool will join the Avengers before Secret Wars

Updated Sep 16th, 2022 9:33AM EDT
Image: Ryan Reynolds

Reacting to the enormous success of Infinity War, Ryan Reynolds posted a hilarious tweet a few years ago showing Deadpool’s Avengers rejection letter from Tony Stark. That was about a year before Disney bought Fox, at a time when having Deadpool in Avengers movies seemed impossible. Fast-forward to summer 2022, and we’re now waiting anxiously for Deadpool 3 release details from Marvel.

The Merc with a Mouth was conspicuously absent from Marvel’s big Comic-Con event a few weeks ago. But there’s been a brilliant development that implies Deadpool will join the Avengers during the Multiverse Saga. Mind you, some spoilers might follow.

Deadpool 3 release date mystery

Marvel unveiled a lot more MCU secrets at Comic-Con than we expected. Kevin Feige introduced the entire Phase 5 roster and revealed three big movies from Phase 6Fantastic Four, Avengers 5, and Avengers 6. Phase 6 still has eight more secret titles, one of which could always turn out to include Deadpool 3. But that’s only speculation for the time being.

Feige left out plenty of characters during Comic-Con. Deadpool wasn’t the only mutant who got no love, at least when it comes to live-action projects. Spider-Man and the X-Men were nowhere in sight. Of note, Peter Parker isn’t Marvel’s character, so any Spider-Man movies would be up to Sony to announce.

As for the mutants, some rumors claim that Marvel can’t use the X-Men until Fox’s outstanding contracts with the former X-Men team expire in 2025.

Deadpool is also a mutant. But that leak claimed Marvel could always use characters from the Fox universe by keeping the same actors in place. And Deadpool 3 will star the same actor as the previous movies, of course.

There was speculation that Marvel left Deadpool out of Comic-Con because it wouldn’t have been appropriate. The studio gave fans a heartbreaking Black Panther: Wakanda Forever teaser trailer. Having Wade Wilson on stage after that might not have worked well.

But Marvel will have another set of announcements at the D23 Expo. That’s where it might confirm that Deadpool will appear in MCU movies in time to join the Avengers. And we know from Feige’s teasers that he wants Deadpool 3 to be a high-stakes movie in the same league as Civil War and Infinity War.

How do we know Deadpool will appear in Avengers movies?

Even before Comic-Con, we’ve had plenty of rumors that Deadpool 3 production had started. We know the director and the writers, we know the general plot idea, and we know that Wade’s hilarious blind roommate is coming back for the upcoming sequel.

We didn’t know the film’s release date at the time. That was before we learned there will be two Avengers movies in Phase 6. And that Secret Wars will mark the end of the Multiverse Saga.

We still don’t know exactly when Deadpool 3 will come out. With all that in mind, Marvel could always bring Deadpool 3 to theaters after 2025, or after the next major Avengers movie.

This brings us to the new Deadpool 3 development that suggests the film’s announcement is imminent and that the character will appear in Avengers movies during the Multiverse Saga.

All it takes is an Instagram photo showing Ryan Reynolds at the gym to get us to speculate the actor is bulking up to play Deadpool. Add the “and so it begins…” caption with the red dot and swords emojis, and it’s 100% clear that Reynolds is training for the upcoming sequel.

That means Marvel should start shooting soon. Therefore, Deadpool 3 might get one of those 2025 release dates in time for the superhero to join the Avengers.

That’s all speculation. But at least Tony Stark isn’t around anymore to reject Deadpool’s Avengers application.

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