At 2PM Eastern today, T-Mobile is promising another big Uncarrier announcement. That’s a fancy word for a standard press conference, but T-Mobile does actually have history of revealing big changes at its Uncarrier announcements.

And hey, even if the big announcement is just a new $200 Android phone, at least we’ll be able to see America’s sweariest CEO doing his thing.

The Uncarrier CES announcement will be livestreamed on Twitter, so you can follow along with the action from home. T-Mobile has been teasing this announcement hard, with a couple good YouTube ads and even a Super Mario ripoff.

T-Mobile made unprecedented mobile moves last year, introducing a one-size-fits-all unlimited data plan, running the best Black Friday deals we’ve seen, and giving away shares of stock to every customer. We don’t have much of an idea about what’s going to be announced here, but Legere says that “everyone’s been asking for it,” so you have to assume it’s not more internet-connected fridges.

We’ll embed the Twitter livestream into this post as soon as it’s up. The event is supposed to start at 11AM local time, so not long to wait.

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