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Uber driver kills 6 people, claims he was being mind controlled by the Uber app

Worst Uber Drivers Ever

Yes, it’s time for another edition of the worst Uber drivers ever. Previous editions have included an Uber driver who crashed into a cop car and then got busted with pot in his glove compartment, and an Uber driver who left a pregnant woman stranded while nonetheless charging her $13. The latest Uber driver fiasco is no laughing matter, however: It involves a driver who allegedly shot and killed six people and claimed that his own phone’s Uber app was mind controlling him.

FROM EARLIER: How to see exactly how much money you’ve spent at Amazon in your life reports that former Uber driver Jason Dalton has been charged with going on a shooting spree that left six people dead. Police say during early interrogations, Dalton “blamed the Uber ride sharing app for taking over his mind and controlling him” while saying that “the app dictated how he responded to police that night.” Apparently, a horned devil head would appear on his phone’s screen when he opened the app and would give him “assignments” that he’d feel compelled to carry out.

“It has the ability to take you over,” Dalton said. “It feels like it is coming from the phone itself.”

He had apparently been acting erratically on the night of the shooting, as his wife told police that he gave her a gun and told her she wouldn’t be safe at home unless she held onto it.

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