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Can you tell what color the hearts are in this viral photo?

Hearts Color Optical Illusion

Remember that viral photo of the dress that caused such a stir online? Since then, we keep seeing similar visual illusions designed to mess with our brains, and the latest one is the image above, which shows two hearts with different colored lines drawn in front of them and behind them. Are the hearts orange? Are they purple? They can’t possibly be of the same color, can they?

Before you freak out about the actual color of these hearts, watch the video we’ve included below, which explains how the brain processes color and how it alters our perception of the world.

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Check out the video below, discovered by The Debrief, to see this particular experiment as well as some other cool optical illusions.

As Bite Size Psych explains, the hearts seem purple or orange at first glance distance because of the superimposed blue and green lines, which seem to have a similar arrangement alongside both hearts. But a closer inspection reveals that that’s not the case, and that’s what makes us think we see two different colored hearts.

The YouTube channel explains other optical illusions we may encounter, and why they happen. The human brain has a certain “biased” way of interpreting colors from our surroundings, and there’s a slight lag between input and reaction. That’s why some things may look look one way at first — reality isn’t always the same as what our conscious minds expect.

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