Over the past few months, we’ve seen drones do it all. We’ve seen someone attach a flamethrower to a drone and roast a turkey, and more recently, we even saw an enterprising Star Wars fan build a flying version of R2-D2 around the frame of a DJI drone.

And yet, we can readily admit that we haven’t quite seen anything like this. For reasons that defy explanation, the fun-loving folks over at Speed Motion Films decided to see how their DJI Phantom camera drone would operate as a blender.

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Confused? Well imagine a real-life version of Fruit Ninja, only instead of a samurai sword, you have to rely on the Phantom’s propellers to get the chopping done.

The video description reads, “Watch our drone chop food at full throttle – shot in super slow motion at 1500fps on the $60,000 Phantom Miro camera from Vision Research.”

From grapes and donuts to carrots and eggs, and everything in between, this video might not have a purpose, but it’s a whole lot of fun. Make sure to watch through to the end to see if the drone is able to fly away to safety after a job well done.